Welcome to Neighbours Friends and Families

Neighbours, Friends and Families is a public education campaign to raise awareness of the signs of woman abuse so that those close to an at-risk woman
or an abusive man can help. It engages the power of everyday relationships to
help keep women and their children safe. 

Research Briefs

Neighbours, Friends and Family research briefs aim to educate and inform others about gender-based violence and abuse against women. The reports will be easily available online and written in clear language that ensures they are accessible to the general public. Our aim is to both educate and inspire action so that readers understand we all have a role to play in ending violence against women. View briefs here.

Neighbours, Friends & Families Blog

Take Back the Night – Fifty years of activism

Take Back the Night Blog Post ImageSeptember is recognized across Canada as a time to Take Back the Night (TBTN). TBTN events are for those who have been hurt by domestic and sexual violence, their supporters and everyone who wants to live in a world free of violence. It is a time for communities to acknowledge gender-based violence against women and girls is a global issue that happens ‘here’ at home. Activities, include rallies, marches, dinners, coffee houses, and candlelight vigils. The events are designed to raise the awareness of safety issues for women and children, and to protest the harassment, sexual abuse, and assaults experienced by so many in our society. All people have the right to be free of violence and should be able to walk at night without fear.

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