New program helps train salon staff to recognize dangers of domestic abuse

Original Article: August 15, 2015  |  CTV News Edmonton

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A salon in St. Albert is hoping to help stop domestic abuse in the community.

Stylists at Reflection Hair Salon and Spa have undergone training by the Stop Abuse in Families Society (SAIF).

“The reality is domestic violence crosses all socio-economic-cultural-religious every divide. It happens to everyone,” SAIF education facilitator Cortney Lohnes said.

“Cut It Out is about preparing salon professionals with the tools they need to really follow their gut.”

 Stylist Allison Tedford said the one-hour training class gave her confidence to help clients that may be in difficult situations.

“I didn’t know what to do beforehand and now I have those tools and resources to help somebody else and know where to direct them to.”

Salon owner Donia Tarrabain said she has been involved with the SAIF Society for about a year and was happy to take the prevention program.

“I just want to help these people that are too afraid. I know what the signs are now and I know where to send them.”

Lohnes said the program was designed to reach out to women involved in abusive relationships as those women rarely seek help from police or a shelter.

“It is really about training the people they do trust to respond in an open-minded, clear, healthy way.”

To find out more about the program or the Society visit their website.