Say #IBelieveSurvivors #WeBelieveSurvivors

On Thursday, March 24th, the verdict in the Jian Ghomeshi sexual assault trial will be delivered. Individuals and organizations are getting together to show that #WeBelieveSurvivors.  Join us in solidarity to support the women who bravely testified, the countless others who could not go to the police, and people who have lived through sexual violence in our communities.

International Women’s Day 2016: Reflections through a Canadian Lens

Canada’s theme for International Women’s Day in 2016 is “Women’s Empowerment Leads to Equality”.  It’s a theme that leaves us asking, “But doesn’t it also work the other way around?  Doesn’t equality also lead to empowerment?

Take the Father's Day Pledge

We’re celebrating our Dads this Sunday – biological, adoptive, figurative -- you name it.  Because being a father doesn’t depend on chromosomes as much as it does on caring.  And it’s a big job what with the expectations to shoulder half of everything from the mundane tasks like diaper changes to driving the kids to soccer games and dance lessons to serving as an exemplary role model.

Let's Make International Women's Day Inclusive

International Women's Day logo in purplePeople have been marking Women’s Day for more than 100 years -- since 1909, in fact.  The United Nations made it official in 1975, naming March 8th as a day of celebration.  Thousands of events are held and there’s lots of talk about change but are we really making progress when it comes to gender equality? 

Changing Social Norms in 2015

In 2015, we can and will move forward on changing social norms to eliminate domestic abuse.

The issues of abuse and violence against women were never far from the headline news last year.  Media coverage of the kidnapping of girls in Nigeria and the actions of famous men   Ray Rice, Jian Ghomeshi, Bill Cosby and their organizations, the NFL, NHL and CBC continued to drive conversations about gender inequality and woman abuse in 2014.  The news was disturbing but the conversations and positive action that have been generated can help propel society forward...

Domestic Violence doesn’t take a break for the holidays

Image of candleIn fact, there’s a great deal of evidence to suggest that domestic abuse increases over the season.  Triggers can include financial worries, increased alcohol consumption, family pressures and expectations as well as the simple fact that people are off work and spend more time with those close to them.

Montreal Massacre Remembered

Image of memorial listing names of victimsOn December 6th this year, we will remember them – the 14 women gunned down 25 years ago at the Université de Montréal simply because of their gender.  There will be sadness and regret for personal loss but December 6th is also a reminder of the need to take action around the world to end violence against women. 


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