Love Shouldn’t Hurt: 5 Things You Might Not Know About Consent

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Healthy relationships involve respectful and constant communication and safe and healthy boundaries. Nothing hurts more than having our trust violated by someone we love.

Consent is crucial in every relationship. The belief that rape is normally committed by strangers is actually far from the truth. The reality is that rape is often committed by someone the victim knows. Many times, the victim is friends with or already in an intimate relationship with the rapist. This is why communicating and getting consent at every step of the way is so important. It’s imperative that both partners feel comfortable, always.

Women Rising: Speaking Truth to Power

Crowd at Women's March in United States with signs and flags. On Saturday January 21 2017, the day after the USA inaugurated Donald Trump as their 45th president, women and their allies around the world rallied and marched in solidarity to oppose what they believe Donald Trump and his administration represent.  Millions and millions of women (the last estimate I heard was four million) came together to fight oppression, misogyny, racism, homophobia and hate.  But more importantly, they came together to stand for what they believe in; justice, love, the environment, safety and a bright future for our children.

What do Women’s Shelters Really Need?

What do women’s shelters really need – money or stuff?

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That’s a question we often find ourselves answering, whether from friends, family members, or others we meet in the community.  And the answer is: bothWomen’s shelters really need money AND stuff. The money helps us keep the shelter doors open around the clock to provide program services free of charge.  Last year alone, Women’s Community House (London, Ontario) provided services to 5,947 individuals through shelter, outreach, children’s group programs, family court support, transitional housing, helpline, walk in support and more.

Domestic Violence Doesn't Discriminate

Image of person's hands in the center. Text reads "The reality though is that it is our business. Domestic violence is not a private matter; it impacts all of us"The tragic death of Dr. Elana Fric-Shamji has left three children without a mother and a community of family members, friends and colleagues shocked and grieving. Her husband, Dr. Mohammed Shamji has been charged with her murder. Police have since revealed that her husband was previously charged with one count of assault and two counts of uttering death threats in May 2005.

Warning Signs for Salon and Spa Professionals

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Research shows that many people who are being abused by a family member do not go to police. Women and men in abusive relationships will often talk about the abuse with someone they trust before seeking help from outsiders such as police or going to a shelter. Salon professionals are in a really unique position when it comes to recognizing signs of violence in their clients as well as their co-workers. They often have good relationships with these people and are experienced at listening to others. Most people spend a large part of their appointments talking with their hairdresser or regular spa professional. Salon professionals often know personal and intimate details of many of their clients’ lives. The spa is also a good environment for a victim to seek help because she may feel very comfortable there and is normally alone, away from her partner.

16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence

Poster listing 16 days of action against domestic violenceDomestic violence is an issue that affects us all. You might have even experienced it firsthand yourself. Or maybe you have a friend, a family member, or a co-worker who has been in an abusive relationship. There’s also a chance that someone you know has experienced violence at the hand of a partner, but you’re not even aware of it. Domestic violence is far-reaching and the emotional, physical and financial implications can be long-lasting.

Family Violence Is Drastically Harming Canadians’ Health

Every four days in Canada, a woman dies at the hands of a family member. And every single day, there are over 230 reported victims of domestic violence. Family violence is a serious health issue that affects many Canadians. Even more startling is that this abuse is also very under-reported. Reports estimate that only 30% of people report domestic abuse.


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It’s considered one of the largest modern migrations: students, teachers, and support staff heading back to school!  Backpacks are zipped up, paper-bag lunches are packed, and bright yellow school buses roll around street corners once again after a summer hiatus that always feels too short.  Despite the looming and dreaded concept of “work”, the first week of school is always optimistic with the notion of a fresh start.  However, as the school year continues, everyone inevitably experiences ups and downs.  Whether you’re a teacher, student, custodian, or principal, the school year is a great opportunity to support one another.


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