Book Club

A Room of Your Own began as an initiative of Tanya Lee, who once found comfort and solace in books and reading as a way of coping with personal challenges. The idea of the interactive book club events are for teenage girls to have a safe and comfortable space where they can discuss all topics that relate to being young and maturing into adulthood. Subjects like body image, peer pressure over drugs and alcohol, mental health concerns, and tougher subjects like sexual abuse. Books are the medium, but the message revolves primarily around mental health. 
Each event has a reading from a female author and this is then used to generate discussion. The girls can ask questions about the book, writing, personal experience, or whatever they'd like.
Neighbours, Friends and Families is proud to host our second annual book club event for a Room of Your Own. Featuring The Missing by Canadian author Melanie Florence, students from London and area are invited to participate in this interactive and healthy talk and event.
If you are a teacher, other educator, student or young woman wishing to attend this event, please get in touch today to reserve your seat. The event is FREE of charge and includes lunch.

Book Club Poster.