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Emerging Issues Staying Safe Awareness and Remembrance

Women Are Vital to COVID-19 Recovery Plans

March 08, 2021
Most of us have never lived through a time like this. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected lives around the globe, and is arguably the most serious ...

Personal Stories

Elderly Vulnerability & Care: It Takes a Village

March 03, 2021
When I was younger, I thought everyone over 75 years old had dementia. All of my grandparents and great aunts and uncles had Alzheimer’s. ...

Personal Stories Young Adults

Gender, Sexuality & The Importance of Normalization

February 16, 2021
I didn’t grow up with homophobic parents, and my religious community was not homophobic. I constantly reminded myself of this as I cried my ...

Personal Stories In the News

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

February 14, 2021
Indigenous women’s groups estimate the number of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls at 4,000 in the last three decades. ...

Emerging Issues

2020: The Year We Failed Women

February 03, 2021
2020 was hard. For many, this is an understatement. Stories, news and studies remind us that worldwide, women and children in particular have ...

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