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Finding community resources for workplace domestic violence

Communities in Ontario vary in population size and geographic location. Small communities and rural and remote communities are not able to sustain the same level of services as large urban centres. This protocol identifies many community resources that may be available to people who experiencing domestic violence, their neighbours, friends and families. It is intended to help you begin exploring what is available in your own community. It also provides information and referral sources that you can access through the telephone or the internet.

You will find suggestions on how to access:

  • Workplace domestic violence resources
  • Emergency response services
  • Safety and security resources to protect the person at risk, their children, and others (including co-workers)
  • Restraining Orders and Peace Bonds
  • Counselling and support for people who have experienced domestic violence, for people who have been abusive and want to change their behaviour and for children exposed to domestic violence
    • Counselling and Support for Women
    • Counselling and Support for Men Who Use Abusive Behaviour
  • Legal Information about the criminal and family law systems when domestic violence has occurred
  • Information and referrals to address with domestic violence
    • Telephone Resources
    • Internet Resources
    • Victim Resources
    • Legal Resources
    • Ressources Francaises
    • Resources in Other Languages
  • Tips on how a victim of violence might "cover her tracks" when accessing information or assistance.