The Neighbours, Friends and Families campaign has a number of   sister campaigns  in communities throughout Ontario.

We are proud to support these campaigns and their efforts to end violence against women and children. Here, you will find the various events and initiatives across all of our Neighbours, Friends and Families campaigns.

Check back regularly for information and new events!

Current Events

Healthy Talks Introduction to Human Trafficking Series

Date: Beginning March 29, 2021

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What do working conditions, consent, and healthy relationships have in common? How can I stay safe? What can my friends and family do to help eliminate human trafficking? What can I do? In our Healthy Talks Introduction to Human Trafficking Series we answer these and other questions you may not have even thought about!

Human trafficking is a complex issue and we’re here to help you unpack it. We break down some of the myths and misinformation that circulate in popular stories and representations of human trafficking that you’ve encountered on TV and in the news and establish a strong foundation for you to identify and challenge some of the root causes of trafficking in your own life and the world around you.